SoL North America Incubator

A little over 20 years ago, international thought leader Peter Senge articulated five core learning capabilities for teams, organizations and societies:

Personal Mastery that comes from having a creative vision to which you are deeply committed;A Shared Vision that wraps individual creativity and desire into a kind of a magic wand of aspiration;The capacity to know and share Mental Models of reality and possibilities;The ability to be influenced and to influence others through Dialogue;And, the facility to understand complexity that comes through Systems Thinking. 


When we look at the profound range of threatening challenges and amazing possibilities facing people, organizations, societies and even the whole planet, we conclude that the need to practice these five disciplines--in all of their many manifestations--is even stronger now than it was when Peter first articulated them.  Organizations and systems that are highly skilled at learning to learn are desperately needed in every domain of life.  The Society for Organizational Learning, North America is dedicated both to responding to this challenge and to the even more subtle challenge of continuously learning as new problems and opportunities emerge from our thought and action. 


SoL North America will be holding its first gathering on November 14 at the end of Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action conference in Indianapolis. We're calling it The SoL NA Project Incubator and its purpose is to collaboratively create a set of activities and projects that we can pursue in 2013 and beyond. Anyone and any organization can contribute to shaping these projects. Please follow this link to register: SoL NA Incubator Registration

Hoping to see you in Indianapolis!