I’ve been working hard this summer to redesign my website so that it’s more dynamic, including adding a blog. The purpose of this blog is:

To provide a forum for sharing reflections on leading and living in a complex world
In a way that is personal, interactive and concise
So that our wisdom and experience benefits others.

Please share your experiences, ideas, and questions with me and with one another.

I'll continue publishing “Navigating the Territory,” Reidy Associates newsletter, on a regular basis. It features longer articles that typically go into more depth than blog posts. If you’re not already a subscriber, just click on the link to your left. Occasionally I may post something here that was previously published in the newsletter.

As I become more engaged with Linkedin and Facebook, I’m increasingly aware of how many opportunities there are out there to connect, and how strapped for time and attention we all are. Why would you want to connect here? Please consider the questions below and share your ideas:

What would make it worth your while to subscribe to this blog? What questions do you have that I might be able to answer or pose to other readers?What insights do you want to share?

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Looking forward to hearing from you.