What's the Only Path to Wisdom?

Everyone has difficult times. No matter how blessed you are there are health challenges, financial struggles, relationship tensions and more. Often these come in multiples and persist for lengths of time that test your ability to cope, never mind stay centered.

In the midst of such a time, it’s likely you’ll hit a wall. No matter what Churchill said, (“If you’re going through hell, keep going”) even those with the most determination can find themselves unable to keep going as before.  For example, last summer after my father died, I hit a wall that felt palpable…over and over again. I would attempt business planning for the next year: bam, my mind went blank. I would try to lift weights but my muscles ignored the signals my brain was sending. Sheer willpower was no longer serving me. I had to find another way.

When we’re faced with such a situation, we might ask, “Why me? What’s the point of this?”

We might wonder, “How am I going to get through this?”

Even in the midst of the most painful and difficult times, that little voice of wisdom comes to your rescue if you listen for it. Last summer, for me, that voice said, “Back off, give it time.” Your voice and your circumstances are your own.

But one thing I do know is the only path to wisdom is adversity.