Creating a Culture of Integrity One Relationship at a Time

Have you been following the Volkswagen emissions scandal (also dubbed “Dieselgate”)? If so, you know that VW has gotten caught intentionally programming many of their diesel engines to meet emissions tests only during lab testing. Emissions during driving were up to 40 times higher. 

VW Group CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned from his position and is also stepping down as head of the Porsche holding company that owns a majority of VW stock.

Integrity is Not Only "Nice to Have"

The unfolding FIFA scandal raises questions explored in many of my leadership programs:

  • What is the role of integrity in leadership?
  • Is integrity simply “nice to have” but not essential to sustained and effective leadership?
  • Maybe integrity actually interferes with business success?
  • What is integrity, anyway?

These are universal questions transcending the FIFA scandal, which I hope becomes a cautionary tale for leaders in many industries.