Why Not Lead? Book

If you consider yourself a reluctant leader, you are not alone.

Families of people with disabilities–my primary audience for this book–often begin their leadership journeys reluctantly. What propels them forward is their motivation to tackle a situation they deeply care about. With motivation, even reluctant leaders will gather the skills they need to lead effectively.

Why Not Lead? A Primer for Families of People with Disabilities and Their Allies aims to call forth, prepare, and encourage you...to walk with you on your leadership journey. It’s written in an easily accessible and practical format, combining case studies, clarifying concepts and exercises.

I’ve integrated my four decades of experience with dozens of ideas drawn from the leadership literature.  Why Not Lead? reads like you’re getting personal coaching from a trusted advisor.

Results from reading Why Not Lead?:

  • Improve the lives of people you care about
  • Learn what leaders actually do
  • Improve your self-confidence as a leader
  • Deal with conflict effectively and with less stress
  • Learn from mistakes and take missteps in stride
  • Find leverage points for change in complex situations
  • And more
Deborah Reidy offers a reliable guide to strengthening...practices necessary to effective action that serves people’s higher purposes. She skillfully brings her readers into the powerful conversations about leadership that engage a growing number of thinkers..., clearly describes their practical implications, and provides a series of well-designed exercises that encourage exploration and application.
— John O’Brien, author and advisor on developmental disability issues