Case Study: Multi-year Organizational Change Initiative


Four-year organization-wide change initiative with a Department of Defense agency. Deborah Reidy was a team member with four other consultants. The purposes included leadership advancement, supporting a high visibility change initiative, and strengthening communication, collaboration and teamwork.


Leadership Coaching: Worked with 150 individual leaders to prepare them to lead at the next level, focusing on collaboration, teamwork, communication, problem-solving and decision-making.

Leader as Coach Program:  Delivered 5-day workshop for carefully selected participants to enhance their ability to be a coach-like leader.   Ms. Reidy co-facilitated all 6 programs, in which nearly 200 mid-level and senior leaders participated. 

Team Alignment:  Worked with key teams to achieve greater business results through alignment on mission, strategies, initiatives, roles and goals. 15 team alignment sessions held. 

Integration of Learning: Throughout the initiative, the consultant team regularly shared and reflected on common themes that emerged in our work with the client. This assured a unified and coherent effort and ongoing collaboration among consultants and the client.  Success was evaluated on several levels:  individual, team and organization. We developed a customized pamphlet of initiative-wide concepts and tools for the client upon completion.


  • Developed organizational leaders who could provide clear direction, navigate emotionally charged conversations, and build workforce capacity (from 2014 evaluation)
  • Supported a large change initiative by helping to create a culture of collaboration, accountability and respect
  • Facilitated creation of a network of support within the organization