Change Initiator

A hallmark of my career has been the creation of new entities aimed at addressing unmet needs, from my first significant leadership opportunity--the creation of a new human service organization--to the shaping of a training and development department for a state agency.

I've brought this passion for venturing into uncharted territory to my work as a coach and consultant. I'm  comfortable with a number of approaches to planning and facilitating change, including Appreciative Inquiry, Social Action Research, and traditional strategic planning.  

I have facilitated over 40 strategic planning processes of varying size and complexity. I specialize in complex, multi-community and multi-stakeholder planning processes.

With individual clients, I support them to plan and implement significant change initiatives in which they are key leaders. Change related topics that often come up include:

  • Systems thinking
  • Addressing resistance
  • Using influence when one does not have authority
  • Developing and communicating a compelling change story
  • Creating shared vision
  • Translating a strategic into an operational plan
  • Networking across organizational boundaries

One of the most effective areas of coaching is the application of recent neuroscience research to facilitating change.

 If you would like more information about change related coaching or consulting, please contact me


I am the Chief Operations Officer for the Defense Contract Management Agency. I am charged with a 9000-person nationwide workforce responsible for the management of approximately 300,000 Department of Defense contracts with a face value of over one trillion dollars. I have come to this assignment with nearly 30 years of experience in program management and engineering.

In a short time, Ms Reidy has helped me negotiate the planning relative to a very large strategic project that will change the way workload is (managed)…Ms Reidy has assisted me in charting a path that will ensure enduring change. In summary, Ms Reidy has absolutely “the right stuff” to assist anyone looking for managerial and executive coaching assistance.
— Marie Greening, SES