Do you sometimes:

  • Second-guess yourself?
  • Find it hard to prioritize?
  • Have trouble managing your emotions?
  • Avoid conflict?
  • Do the work yourself instead of delegating?

Would you like to:

  • Have confidence in your judgment?
  • Have clear and compelling goals that inspire you to take action?
  • Use emotion to further your intentions?
  • Use conflict as a constructive force?
  • Develop people and ensure they deliver?

 If so, coaching may be for you.

One definition of coaching that reflects my approach is this: "Facilitating positive change by improving thinking."

Here are some positive changes my coaching clients have experienced:

  • Improved creativity, insight and problem solving
  • Greater sense of ease and well-being
  • Greater clarity of purpose and priorities
  • Greater self confidence and self-awareness
  • Healthy new habits and practices 

In the time I have worked with Deborah, I gained a much clearer understanding of where I want to focus to reach my professional long-term goals. As a young professional, I had somehow let my long-term aspirations remain in the “one day I will get to it” folder and not actively pursue them. That all changed when I met Deborah. Deborah made me dig deep and really enabled me to narrow my focus in order to reach my overarching goals. My “one day I will get to it” was today!
— Tara Jordan

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