Deborah Reidy

Developing leaders has been my passion since the early 1980s. Why? Because very early in my career, I was thrust into significant leadership roles that I was ill-prepared for.  I succeeded with the support and mentoring of more seasoned leaders. That inspired me to “pay it forward.”

Other career-spanning themes of my work include:

Building Community - Creating occasions for people to share, collaborate and learn from one another — whether it’s a team, an organization or a town.

Supporting People to Grow - There's nothing more satisfying than using what I've learned to help people grow, whether it’s through coaching, writing or workshop facilitation.

Handling Conflict - From giving constructive feedback to skillfully negotiating disputes, helping leaders use conflict as a constructive force is my specialty.

Removing “Limiting Beliefs” - Whether you call it “performance anxiety,” “self-doubt,” or the "inner critic," limiting beliefs are what invariably gets in the way of being your best. I help people find strategies that enable them to shine.

Although I have great enthusiasm for my work, I’m also a gardener, a fitness fanatic, a writer, an artist and an orchid aficionado. My husband and I live on a six-acre farm in Southampton, Massachusetts with our Himalayan cat and several dozen orchids. The other place I love most in the world is Martha’s Vineyard, which revives my spirit each time I visit.

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Deborah’s resume is second to none with all the expected education, training, and experience. What is not in her resume—what clearly sets her apart from her colleagues—is her dedication to working with her executives. You can only experience that by working directly with Deborah.
— Robert Jack II, Air Force Global Strike Command