Why Work With Us

Here’s what makes us unique:

Honoring both the process and the outcome: Our tagline, Results with Integrity, is not just lip service. We know that the way you do something impacts what you accomplish.  So what does that mean for you? It means you can expect truthfulness, transparency, respect and reliability. Oh, and a dose of humor and playfulness.

“In the bones” leadership experience:  Decades of leadership and management experience anchor our work in reality. We’ve been in your shoes. On top of this, we’ve coached, consulted, and taught leadership to thousands of people.

Customized services:  All engagements start with crisply defined desired outcomes. Then we custom design our services, drawing from a repertoire of proven approaches. Nothing we deliver is “off the shelf.” We factor in your goals, timeframe, budget and culture to craft the best approach for you.

Scientific foundation: We've done a deep dive into cutting edge research on leadership in social psychology and neuroscience. Without getting too nerdy, these findings underpin all our work.

Bench strength: For larger projects, we partner with personally vetted colleagues. We have the capacity to draw from a global community of seasoned practitioners while personally guaranteeing the results.

Systems perspective:  Have you ever thought you solved a problem, only to find it reappeared? We approach our work by considering the big picture, essential to finding solutions that stick.

If this piques your interest, contact me and let's start a conversation.

We found that Deborah’s steady and even-handed presence, organizational capacity, gifts of perception and articulation, and knowledge of organizations offered us an extremely successful process and outcome. Deborah was thorough, consistent, non-judgmental, and positive in her framing of challenges and next steps.
— Dr. Paula Green, formerly Karuna Center for Peacebuilding