Website Debut!

Courtesy of Flickr

Courtesy of Flickr

Welcome to my re-designed and updated website! During the past month, I‘ve worked with the creative and skillful team from Gravity Switch, website designers, and Kimberly Hatch, photographer extraordinaire.  Not only are they good at what they do, but they are  interesting people who are fun to be around.

Lots of lessons to reflect on...

The best is the enemy of the good: Sometimes you just have to set a deadline and make it happen. Every time I found myself pushing to extend the deadline, Christine, co-founder of Gravity Switch, would gently push me to  “Go live when it’s better than what you have.”  What a great way to keep things moving forward!

Lots of white space is better than lots of words: As a writer, that was a hard thing to swallow. When you peruse the site, you’ll probably conclude there are still a lot of words. Believe me, the delete button has been working overtime!  Going forward, I aim to pay more attention to making each of my words count and leaving more white space in my life.

Getting input from others is good. Letting their views determine what you decide produces inaction: I did some informal focus groups about what photographs to include. I consulted with about half a dozen people and there was no consensus whatsoever. Eventually, I just had to decide who to listen to most and then go with what felt right for me.

Creativity happens on a regular schedule:  I haven’t been a regular blogger and I want that to change. I read a great article on creativity by Kevan Lee. He writes, “If you want to be more creative, to come up with more ideas, and to have a more efficient creation process, schedule it. Put creative time on the calendar. Then show up every day…. You can boost brain activity by keeping a consistent routine. Routine reinforces neural circuitry, and the more you work at the same routine, the stronger those connections become.” More next time on transforming an aspiration into a habit.

The biggest learning, I think, is that leadership lessons emerge in even the most everyday activities if you stop to reflect.

I’m looking forward to starting a conversation with you. What everyday leadership lessons can you share?